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“Having worked in the senior market for over 10 years I have been continually frustrated with the way Seniors are treated by both agents and insurance companies.  There seems to be an assumption that you are incapable of making the decision that is best for you and determining which products are in your best interest. I have always found your population to be more capable of making a decision when given all the facts.  I believe if I provide the right information; making the right decisions just becomes a matter of “common sense”.

Steve Burnett / President


We Help People Understand Insurance

At Senior Medicare Support, we are in the business of helping people understand insurance. Whether it's Medicare, Critical Illness, Hospital Indemnity, Life Insurance, or Dental Insurance, we can help you identify your needs in simple, plain terms that everyone can understand. We believe that it’s important that you first understand your coverage options and how it benefits you. Fortunately, we’ve mastered how to make it simple.

Medicare Options: Medicare can very confusing for most people and we understand this very well. Our Agents will help you Understand Original Medicare, Medicare Supplemental Benefits, Medicare Advantage and Part D prescription drug coverage so you will be able to make an informed decision on your Medicare options

Our Agents are able to educate you and take you through the process of how Medicare works while helping you to understand your own best options to protect your health and your assets

1We Specialize in teaching "Making Sense of Medicare" educational Workshops. 

2We shop the Market independently FOR YOU and find the best-priced Plan with "A" rated Supplement carriers. 

3. We don’t work for the insurance company/We work for the Client.

4. We secure the same Medicare Supplement benefits at a much better price.

5. We Specialize in underwriting guidelines with multiple Insurance carries to help find our clients more options.

This is the New Medicare Card changed in 2018

    Part B Monthly Premium as of 2020 ( based on your income level )

    2019 Part D Premium (based on your income level)

    Providing the right information to help YOU make the right decisions