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Helping you understand your Medicare so you have the power to make your own decisions 

Dedicated Experienced Staff

Our dedicated staff of insurance professionals is known for our years of experience in Medicare health coverage and unparalleled customer service. The fact that every person has unique circumstances means we must spend time with each client to listen to their specific situation. We can then be assured, there are no mistakes in helping you choose the Medicare Health Plan that will give you the best medical coverage for your specific needs and protect your pocketbook. 
Let us help you understand your Medicare options!


If you are going on to Medicare, are you overwhelmed with information overload?

- We are experienced in helping you wade through the confusion. 

- let us help you make sense of Medicare so you can feel good about your decisions 

Our Agents are completely unbiased to any particular company or Plan type 

- Our Agents represent all major A rated companies and plan types Offered with Medicare 


We Offer local Medicare Workshops to People starting Medicare 

(we also offer a one on one computer screen seminar from the comfort of your own home)

“Making Sense of Medicare” is the subject of this workshop.

The purpose is to make you, the Baby Boomer, aware of the options available to you upon turning 65. People who are new to Medicare often have a hard time sorting things out in the beginning. There are all these parts and plans with similar letters, which makes it hard to figure out what is what. The massive amount of mail doesn’t help either! When you first become eligible, there are several steps to get the ball rolling. Although it seems like a lot, it’s a painless process when you know the proper steps to take, and we can take you through them. So if you are feeling bewildered or overwhelmed, rest assured that our friendly, knowledgeable professional can walk you through this process from A to Z. We can teach you the basics so you understand your Original Medicare coverage along with the supplemental programs that are available and best suited to your needs. Making a timely decision is important so there is no risk of losing the opportunity to make plan choices without underwriting 

 "Making Sense of Medicare workshop"


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